First Class Tax offers business owners a professional partner who regularly works with you to ensure you achieve your business goals. You don’t just hear from us once-a-year at tax time. You use the expertise of your First Class Tax accountants as often as you need.

Tax Services

Tax time isn’t a hassle when yours is managed by First Class Tax. Whether it’s business, personal or family tax, you’re assured of expert advice and on-time submission.

Specialty services include:
• GST and Custom Services – ensure compliance and on-time BAS, minimise the impact of GST and avoid pitfalls caused by late lodgement or miscalculations
• State Taxes – stamp duty, payroll tax and land tax
• Research & Development Tax Incentive – prepare applications and obtain R&D benefits to acquire new knowledge or information, offset against earnings
• Government Grants – advice, management and reporting
• Income Tax Returns – on time submission and accurate deductions
• International Tax – USA tax advice


First Class Tax is a specialist Advisory Practice providing transaction, risk, and executive advisory services, particularly for expansion, acquisition and exit strategies. The team of professionals is drawn from a variety of multidisciplinary backgrounds, allowing delivery of insightful and innovative recommendation, across all areas of business.

Business Services

As the financial partners in your business you get access to advice for a range of business needs, with particular reference to impact on family and personal wealth requirements. The advice is underpinned by a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of industry sectors and includes:

• Accounting Outsourcing
• Buying and Selling
• Planning and Business Growth


Law Practice Trust Account Audits 

The Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW) and the Legal Profession Uniform General Rules 2015 govern how a law practice handles trust money. Section 155(1) requires that a law practice must have its trust records externally examined at least once each financial year. The reporting period (i.e. the financial year) is from 1 April to 31 March.

First Class Tax provides a professional External Examiner service to ensure your legal practice meets its Trust account obligations on time.


Tony Stuart, Goodstuff Pty Ltd
Tony Stuart, Goodstuff Pty Ltd
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“When Maria Jowett came into my company's life she was extremely clear-sighted and helped make my company run more efficiently. At the time I employed Maria as a bookkeeper, my accountant passed away and I felt the ship had lost a rudder. Maria offered her services and within 3 months the company was sailing better than it ever had. Money wasn’t wasted, opportunities and efficiencies were created. Maria became an accredited Tax agent and with Busy Bookkeeping supporting her, Maria helped charter a more financially efficient company. We started using our income and assets more wisely. Most importantly, we had someone who we could trust to look after us and our family affairs”
Eugene Giesinger, Eugene’s Café Waverley
Eugene Giesinger, Eugene’s Café Waverley
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“First class tax has managed my tax affairs for several years. With access to professional counsel from a variety of industries, as well as specialists in finance and taxation, I have found their clear and well planned business advice to be invaluable”
Busy Bookkeeping Eastern Suburbs
Busy Bookkeeping Eastern Suburbs
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"First Class Tax stands tall amongst the go to tax and advisory firms we recommend to our clients: clever, diligent and committed to a clients best outcome. Highly recommended."
Malcolm Auld, Founder M@D
Malcolm Auld, Founder M@D
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"First Class Tax is a very proactive team, always on the front foot to provide valuable advice before it’s needed. The staff really understand how business finance works, so I’m always confident in the advice they provide."
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